Lorenzo Tondelli

What’s in a name

A genuine enthusiasm for fine art; a lifelong fascination with natural materials; an inborn sense of style — that is what makes up Lorenzo Tondelli’s legacy and personality. Our creative director brings ahead a restless quest for simplicity and balance started by his father, back in the 50s. Since Lorenzo took the helm of the house, his functional yet daring approach has been getting the best out of people and producing the most desirable objects. His influences come from constant travel to places where both the clients and the culture are a source of inspiration. His designs draw on customers’ demands, exotic hints, primitive shapes, and artisanal patterns that bring back his best memories.

An award-winning team culture 

Lorenzo Tondelli’s commitment to accuracy, high-performance and beauty goes far beyond decoration, and that does not go unnoticed. Every award celebrates a precise way of living that withstands the test of time with impressive dignity; each recognition praises the effort and ability to keep ancient techniques alive while valuing true contemporary manufacturing.

Product Customization


Sometimes, one size doesn’t fit all: this is where imagination comes into play. If you are dreaming of something that is truly yours, we will take care of it - from start to finish. Because this is not about just embossing initials into leather or cloth: it’s about satisfying a keen wish for originality and comfort.