Bespoke, sculptural design nestled high up in a city landmark rising over 450 feet into the sky.


With close guidance from the client, we designed and furnished this 400-square-foot apartment located on the 28th floor of One Park Taipei. To reflect the ambitious mandate of decorating an open space that offers a 360-degree picture of the metropolis, we channeled the architectural elements of the building and the landscape. Then we added dreamlike yet solid features to create the perfect atmosphere for resting, dining and conversing in style. Spaces are gently marked by wooden and golden fretwork panels, over which cranes silhouettes gently intertwine. Delicate wood grains, together with bronze finishes, marble, and silk, create visual connections between the walls and the items — tables, sculptures, chandeliers, pictures, and seats.

Product Customization


Sometimes, one size doesn’t fit all: this is where imagination comes into play. If you are dreaming of something that is truly yours, we will take care of it - from start to finish. Because this is not about just embossing initials into leather or cloth: it’s about satisfying a keen wish for originality and comfort.