Lorenzo Tondelli

Designing with integrity

Since the early fifties, we have been makers at work. We adorn places where meeting, talking, learning, playing, working, and relaxing feels just sublime. Our growing dedication to tailoring is part of the legacy of the values of our founder, Lorenzo’s father. It has its roots right here, in the land where we were born and where we live — Modena, Italy.

We at Lorenzo Tondelli love to gather our fabrics, fantasy, and experience, and then let our inspiration lead us somewhere new. Every element we design has a unique storyline, combining culture, art, and tradition to create comfortable yet inspiring spaces. Interiors with clear-cut identities that feed our craving for belonging and for real connections.

Our Story

Lots of charming tales start with a tiny workshop that eventually turns into a revolutionary firm — but for Tondelli this is not simply a fairytale, it’s a true story.

Lorenzo Tondelli

A genuine enthusiasm for fine art; a lifelong fascination with natural materials; an inborn sense of style — that is what makes up Lorenzo Tondelli’s legacy and personality.


We think of space as a white sheet, a place to write stories, where a narrative thread runs through every detail, ensuring a neat sense of continuity.


We believe in sharing uniqueness, working with artisans, living both locally and internationally, and expressing passion through whatever we do, wherever we go.

Product Customization


Sometimes, one size doesn’t fit all: this is where imagination comes into play. If you are dreaming of something that is truly yours, we will take care of it - from start to finish. Because this is not about just embossing initials into leather or cloth: it’s about satisfying a keen wish for originality and comfort.